Seems that spring has sprung here in the Northwest and the Canada Geese are defending prime nesting space from rivals. Which meant some awesome action to photograph. So much fun, I could photograph that kind of action all day and probably will again soon!

Dabblers Marsh at Fernhill Wetlands

I’ve written about Fernhill before, but I have to say it just gets better and better. In a year or two when all of the new vegetation is mature it will be a magnet for every bird in Oregon! In the mean time it’s AWESOME!

The morning started off rather peaceful and I was enjoying a walk in the sunshine. There were not that many birds, but still fun to be out and about. Gorgeous conditions and I found this Canada Goose just paddling about seemingly enjoying the sunshine too.

Peaceful image of a Canada Goose at Fernhill Wetlands photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Floating in Blue Water – Canada Goose

As I was coming back towards the entrance I poked my head back in to Dabbler’s Marsh. I’ve not had much luck here before and I didn’t see much there when I walked by earlier. Anyway, this time the geese were raising a ruckus and I went to check it out. There were t pairs of Canada Geese and one pair had staked out the island as the place for their family. The second pair was paddling closer and honking and honking at couple number one. Next thing you know I’m watching a goose battle royale. Geese honking and flying and chasing and walking on water and well, the pictures tell a better story…

Canada Goose heading in for a fight photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Battle Stations – Canada Goose

Canada Goose getting ready to fly in to action photographed bY Jeff Wendorff

Getting ready to fly in to action

Canada Goose Flying at the other Geese photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Take off!

Canada Goose flying and hissing at a  rival photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Hissing and Honking while also flying

Canada Goose appears to walk on water photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Walking on Water

The opposing geese come flying in to chase the others off, photographed BY Jeff Wendorff

Here comes the other team

High speed flight of the Canada Geese chasing away the opposing Goose photographed by Jeff Wendorff

ZOOOMING in for the win!

Calm waters and quiet geese after the battle in Dabbler's Marsh photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Calm returns to Dabbler’s Marsh

 Dabbler’s Marsh Location

If you want to go try your luck, this is where you’ll find the marsh at Fernhill Wetlands.
[res_map address=”45.513517,-123.088392″ description=”Dabbler’s Marsh” directionstext=”Directions” icon=”” style=”1″ pancontrol=”no” scalecontrol=”no” typecontrol=”no” streetcontrol=”no” zoom=”13″ zoomcontrol=”no” draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”no” width=”100%” height=”300px” maptype=”roadmap” popup=”yes” center=”” refresh=”no”]

Goose Photography Portfolio

If you’d like to see more of my geese photography or even order a print if you are so inclined, I can accommodate you with my online portfolio…HERE.

Wildlife and Nature Photography Workshops

I also teach Wildlife Nature and Creative Photography Workshops all over the place and certainly Dabbler’s Marsh is going to be on the future locations list. You can check out my current photography workshops at Wildlife Workshops.