I just wrapped my spring tradition the Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop. This workshop is never “bad”, but this year the group was so good that it was extra nice this year. I’ve never wanted an entire group to come back as a unit before… Oh, and the animals were AWESOME!

As always we photographed 8 species for the workshop with a few more options that were great. For those that don’t know how it works, here is a synopsis. We photograph hand raised baby wildlife in a controlled setting. We photograph in great locations and in the best possible light. We photograph a baby by itself and then with siblings and then with the mom! Nothing can prepare you for the how quick a coyote pup is and then kick it up by adding 2 siblings. The crazy factor then goes up again, when mom is re-united with the little ones. I am exhausted just thinking about how crazy it was! That is how the Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop works and that is why you should join me next year!

If you’d like to stop reading now and go straight to the registration page for the 2014 Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop, click…HERE.

Images from the Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop 2013

Here are some of the baby wildlife that we photographed.

During the Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop we also photograph some juveniles and then optionally we photograph some of the adult animals that are available.

Here are some images of those animals

People are Talking About Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop

[pextestim name=”Wendy”]Almost impossible to explain to others how great this workshop is – you just have to go experience it![/pextestim]

[pextestim name=”Gay”] I thought the workshop was a complete success and I can’t thank you enough for being the caring, thoughtful person you are, who kept everything light and full of humor. You ran a wonderful workshop and you are a good man Gunga Din![/pextestim]

2014 Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop

Believe it or not the 2014 workshop is already beginning to add clients. It always sells out early and so if you are interested, please don’t hesitate too long.

You can find the registration information…HERE.

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