My Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop was awesome…well even more awesomer…and my clients really had a great workshop. They said so themselves!

Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop Client Testimonials 2013

[pextestim name=Wendy]Thank you for an AWESOME baby wildlife workshop! It was a great experience and I learned so much. It’s almost impossible to explain to others how great this workshop is – you just have to go experience it![/pextestim]

[pextestim name=”Gay”]One of the most satisfying workshops I have ever experienced, due in large part to our instructor, Jeff Wendorff, who looked to the details and cared greatly for the people who generally have traveled far for such an unusual opportunity. His instruction in the field as well as in a classroom setting, with no question going unanswered, made for a complete success for the baby wildlife photography workshop.[/pextestim]

[pextestim name=”Rakesh”]Thanks also for your coaching my son, Akash. He feels great about the baby wildlife photography workshop, and got a lot out of it. The overall experience was just great![/pextestim]

[pextestim name=”Joyce”]I learned so much and being so close to the wild animals still sometimes takes my breath away as I look at the photographs. I do plan on taking another workshop with you. I just can not decide which one because there are a couple that peak my interest. Thank you for being a good instructor and “patient” with me in my non-skills. You made this experience at the baby wildlife photography workshop wonderful with your knowledge of photography and the wild animals. There are not enough years in my life to do all of the drawings I want to do off of the pictures.[/pextestim]

2014 Baby Wildlife Workshop Registration and Information

Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop Client Images

Here is a teaser of the images that my clients made. If you’d like to see more of their images check it out on Wildlife Workshops…HERE.

Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop client images Baby Bobcat by Gay Ayers

Baby Wildlife Photography Workshop – Baby Bobcat by Gay Ayers


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