This will be my 4th winter at the ranch with clients and it is a really special time. The animals are at their finest with thick winter coats and with a snowy environment as a setting it is really quite dramatic. The animals love to romp in the snow! You’ll come back from this one with amazing shots from a winter wonderland in Montana.

Without doubt this is the best if not the only time to photograph their Snow Leopard, truly amazing! Then of course there is the tiger which will be about 12 months old and full of energy, that will be awesome! I know most people love the big cats during these workshops, but the little animals like fishers, martens and fox are just great in the snow as well.

I hope I never have to pick just one time of the year to photograph these amazing animals, but if I did, it might have to be winter! Come see for yourself.

You can read all of the details about the workshop on my Wildlife Workshops website…HERE.

Sometimes it helps when you are choosing a workshop to see images that clients took on the workshop and so I’ve asked them to provide a few. You can view the gallery from 2013’s workshop…HERE.