OH, boy this one is really really fun to play with. I’ve made images with all of the presets and am always amazed with what it comes up with. Sitting at your desk and clicking on the lucky button can fill an afternoon!

This is what the featured image of Wild Goose Island looked like before I had my way with it using Topaz Labs – Simplify.

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[singlepic id=1393 w=500 h=500 float=center]

I thought an elegant oil painting of a porcupine was appropriately irreverent fun!

[singlepic id=1389 w=500 h=500 float=center]

BuzzSim is very useful to reduce detail in your image to prep it for use in another plugin. I use it before a grunge conversion or even a B&W. The painting effects are also fun. What is the rule? PLAY!!! Good job grasshopper!

Just to give you an idea about the range of effects here is a cartoon of a flower.

[singlepic id=1390 w=500 h=500 float=center]

From Topaz

The Topaz Simplify plug-in allows you to create stunning art from photos by transforming regular digital images into beautiful works-of-art. With Simplify, you can achieve a variety of creative art effects including: watercolors, textured oil paintings, cartoon-like images, abstracts, charcoal drawings, line art, and photorealistic paintings – giving your photography a true creative edge.

The unique size-based technology in Topaz Simplify processes your photo in the same way a true artist would: it eliminates detail-clutter and leaves behind only the essence and natural structure of the photo. By selectively removing unnecessary image clutter, Simplify helps you create a bold and powerful piece of art in just a few clicks.

  • Advanced size-based technology allows you to suppress / eliminate select details.
  • Color management for color removal and color enhancement.
  • Generate or reduce lines, edges and shading.
  • Edge detection for control over edge reduction and enhancement.
  • Separate control over image base and image edges for complete creative control.

This is an example created by just clicking the Feeling Lucky button…well do ya?

[singlepic id=1391 w=500 h=753 float=center]

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