The black and white effects are always the most misunderstood as most of the software editors that you are currently using have the ability to make a black and white image. Your phone can even make a B&W snapshot and that is sort of the difference. There is more to a great black and white image than just taking the colors away. The Topaz filter as usual, gives you a myriad of selections and the fun is in the old style film emulators and toning.

New Orleans Streetcar converted to B&W with Topaz Labs by Jeff Wendorff

New Orleans Streetcar Converted to B&W With Topaz Labs

Don’t forget to play with the “Creative Effects” sliders on the right side to enhance what you have started with the presets. Simplify and Camera Shake are particularly useful.

From Topaz

Topaz B&W Effects takes you beyond traditional black and white conversion methods by integrating unique features like a 5-in-1 selective adjustment brush, adaptive exposure, quad toning, historical processing collections, creative effects and more – giving you remarkable creativity and flexibility never seen before within a black and white program.

B&W Effects is your all-in-one solution for professional-quality black and white photos. With this powerful and easy-to-use plug-in, you can quickly create rich, dynamic black and whites with compelling tone and detail. B&W Effects will transform the way your process your images and help you master the art of digital black and white photography

  • 8 Effect Collections featuring a variety of historical, traditional and stylized looks
  • Over 200 presets included for a quick and creative 1-click workflow
  • Adaptive Exposure integration for dynamic detail, contrast and tone
  • Edge-aware selective brush for quick and easy dodging, burning, smoothing, selective detail and selective color
  • Advanced grain engine developed from real film scans for an authentic look
  • Creative Effects integrated from Topaz Simplify, Adjust and Lens Effects
  • My Collection – where you can save and easily find your presets
  • Split-screen preview options for easy before and after comparison
  • Stage-based interface layout for a simple and streamlined workflow
New Orleans streetcar photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Original New Orleans Streetcar

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