This is the filter that I bought first and is the one that I generally suggest people start with. I can tell you now that you had just as well buy the bundle now. It will save you umm, a bundle and once you play with Adjust you’ll be sliding down that slope to plug-in in addiction and buying them all anyway.

Here is the before Topaz Adjust version of the prairie sunrise photo. Quite a dramatic difference!

[singlepic id=1395 w=500 h=500 float=center]

I seem to use Photo Pop, Dramatic, Gritty, Neutralizer, Simplify and Spicify (crowd pics below) the most.

I really like the grunge effects on the “right” landscape and I use Simplify quite often before I make a painting from an image.

From Topaz

Infusing your images with vibrant color and stunning detail has never been easier. From exposure and color balance to subtle photo pops, HDR effects, grunge style and more, Topaz Adjust’s intuitive and powerful tools make it easy to recover and enhance any image. With control over creative exposure, detail and color, Adjust is an essential part of every photographer’s toolkit.

This effect-packed Photoshop plug-in is is designed for photographers who want to achieve advanced color and detail techniques in less time and with half of the effort. Adjust also simplifies the HDR process, allowing you to instantly enhance local contrast, depth, detail and color – with just a single image.

The new Topaz Adjust 5 features productivity-increasing tools which allow you to be more effective, while streamlining your workflow. With the new local adjustment brush you can selectively enhance, taper or remove adjustments from any part of your image. You also have the ability to reduce the overall strength of your adjustments and stack effects – for a more comprehensive workflow.

  • 107 new presets for an even faster and more creative workflow.
  • Edge-aware selective brush used to dodge, burn, smooth and brush out effects.
  • Ability to stack presets and effects via the new “Apply” button.
  • Transparency Slider which controls overall strength of applied effects.
  • Preset Collections which organizes default presets; includes a user collection.
  • Integration of the new histogram and curve tools.
  • Finishing Touches Tab with tools for diffusion, grain, borders, vignettes, tone adjustments and more.
Original Image before Topaz Labs  Adjust - Spicify by Jeff Wendorff

Original Image before Topaz Labs Adjust – Spicify

Image after editing with Topaz Labs Adjust - Spicify by Jeff Wendorff

Image after editing with Topaz Labs Adjust – Spicify

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