Few places on our planet stir the imagination quite like Antarctica. A vast, frozen wilderness situated at the bottom of the world, this farthest-reaching continent has entranced explorers and modern adventurers alike with its blinding whitescapes, towering icebergs, and incredible wildlife. To journey there is to experience one of the last true wilderness frontiers.

The legendary exploits of Antarctic pioneers like Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, and Roald Amundsen showed the world the resilience of the human spirit in conquering this harshest of environments. Today, their tales inspire a new generation to witness firsthand Antarctica’s unparalleled majesty and natural wonders. This spirit of bold exploration still draws us to the Antarctic Peninsula year after year.

Emperor Penguin, Aptenodytes forsteri
Polar Pioneer in Antarctica 8455

Our expedition cruise ships set sail across the mythical Drake Passage from the southernmost city of Ushuaia, Argentina. Rolling seascapes and bracing winds offer a refreshing prelude to the Antarctic mainland. Upon reaching the jagged black mountains and ice-choked bays of the Peninsula, visitors are utterly transported to another world. Here, solitude and sublime beauty reign supreme.

Wild Wildlife Encounters

The sights take one’s breath away—towering glaciers crescendoing up from the steel-blue waters, skating icebergs in fantastic sculpted shapes, and immense ice sheets adding a celestial glow to the landscapes. Amid such dramatic vistas roam entire colonies of penguins—Gentoo, Chinstrap, and the iconic emperor penguins trilling and zooming effortlessly across the ice and into the frigid waters. Humpback and minke whales spout and breach nearby, while crabeater, Weddell, and leopard seals bask on frozen shores or drift among the floes.

Also called Sea Leopard
Zodiac Cruise Antarctica

For the adventurer, Antarctica offers experiential travel at its most extraordinary. Explorers can cruise by Zodiac amongst the crushing icebergs, hike pristine snowscapes and visit historic huts, kayak in tranquil bays, or even take an optional polar plunge into the sub-freezing waters! Each excursion offers up-close encounters with Antarctica’s unparalleled wildlife in their natural habitats.

An Antarctic expedition invites visitors to witness one of the world’s most remote and ancient wildernesses and become part of its stories of discovery, hardship, and scientific endeavor. To set foot on the seventh continent is to experience travel at its most invigorating and transformative. Just as the great explorers before us did, we too can be amazed by Antarctica’s unbridled power and beauty, one of the last untamed frontiers left on Earth.

Emperor Penguin, Aptenodytes forsteri