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My good friend Brenda said it would make you feel more comfortable for me to say a few words about me and my workshops.  Here is what you need to know:

I am a full time professional outdoor and wildlife photographer and workshop leader.  For the past 10 years I have been leading my own workshops, and assisting David Middleton on workshops from coast to coast. My work has been published widely — from calendars and magazines to cans of cat food in China!

In between workshops, I am working on my photography  and well just being Jeff…

As A Photographer

It seems that I have always had a camera in my hands, from those Kodaks with a cube flash bulb to a Nikon D3s and everything in between. My first love of photography has always been photographing wildlife and birds. Over the years and with the constant nagging errr encouragement from my friend and photography mentor, David Middleton, I now photograph most anything that catches my eye or sparkles in great light. I even enjoy landscape photography, but I beg you not to tell anyone!

I began my second career after a trip to Africa really inspired me to give it a go. Coming back from that safari with thousands of images and a zillion memories and listening to the applause from friends and family for my photographs really put me on a a trajectory towards becoming a full time photographer. Of course, I now know my pictures were mostly awful, but the fire had been ignited and I plowed on. My advice to anyone considering the same plunge would be to take a workshop and get a real critique of your work and some advice about what’s coming!

As A Workshop Leader

I believe it is important to have fun while learning, serious fun, so be prepared to enjoy yourself when you are with me. We all learn more when we are enjoying ourselves, and my goal is to help you learn as much as possible.  I teach in the traditional workshop mold. In other words, I am there to teach you and to make sure you have a great experience. My job is to ensure participants get the attention they want, make some images they love, and leave knowing more than when they arrived. Not only that, we will all have big fun while achieving those goals.

I’ve photographed at all of my workshop locations many times and know the best spots and the special tricks that you’ll need to know to get the most out of the workshop. Generally, we photograph during the soft light of morning and evening, and then fill in the rest of the day with critiques and other classroom activities. I leave plenty of independent time for downloads, one-on-one help, and napping as needed!

I’ve been on too many workshops where the leader took more pictures than I did, where I never saw the “leader” except at cocktail time, or where I’d been to the location more  often than the leader. Rest assured that none of those things happen on my watch.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and read my words. I hope you found some images that you liked and perhaps learned a couple of things to. I hope to see you on one of my workshops one day or perhaps we’ll just have a glass of wine somewhere!

Please email me if you have questions about my workshops and my philosophy. I am also happy to put you in touch with previous clients.





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  1. Kate Norman

    I am amazed. Your pictures are so moving. They truly touch my soul. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. I have added another item to my bucket list.
    Do one of Jeff ‘s Workshops

  2. Jeyachandran.s

    hi Jeff, it’s great pleasure when i came to know that you used Nikkor 200-400mm f4 lens, as i am thinking of buying it for its versatility and image quality, i came across a number of reviews about this lens when shooting at distances more than 20 meter’s. i need help from someone who used it in the field and lived with it for quite a considerable amount of time to give valid comments about this lens. Dose this exhibits loss of sharpness when shooting wide open on subjects grater than 20 m (not expecting anything great above 50m) i usually shoot birds. your valuable comments are highly appreciated.

  3. Jeff

    I did not notice any focus issues and it was my longest lens for a long time. I now have a 500mm F4 for my long lens and I use the 80-400mm for the mid-range telephoto lens. The 80-400 is much easier to handhold.

  4. Erika

    I am amazed by your work & really admire photographers like you who choose to admire wild animals in there own habitat. Where is the best spot/national park preferably in the U.S. for sightseeing and photographing cougars, following grizzly bears in the wild? Thanks

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