The poor fox has several collective nouns and most of them are not very good… a leash? an earth? a lead? Menh! We may have sort out a new collective noun for the fox. Perhaps a “Stole” not very PETA of me, but it’s better than some of the others. Leave a comment with your clever contributions.

I photographed these gorgeous foxes during my wildlife photography workshop in April. This is always a great workshop and we are going to be offering it again in October. The PAW (Photographers Alliance Workshops) website has all of the details…HERE. If you love wildlife photography it doesn’t get any better than on this workshop in Montana.

In case you were curious:

  • The silver fox is the same species as the red fox, it is merely a color mutation.
  • Average life span in the wild: 2 to 4 years
  • Size: Head and body, 18 to 33.75 in (46 to 86 cm); Tail, 12 to 21.75 in (30.5 to 55.5 cm)
  • Weight: 6.5 to 24 lbs (3 to 11 kg)
  • A fox uses its tail (or “brush”) as a warm cover in cold weather
  • Some red foxes are golden, reddish-brown, silver, or even black

Many more facts can be found on the Nat Geo site…HERE.

We’ve taken the foxes back to their home in Montana so even though the map shows where we had our wildlife photography workshop, you won’t find a fox. At least none this photogenic

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