Pretty good job by the collective noun peeps on this one. A Colony of gulls is an alternate group name for gulls…

This time of the year is a bit slow for me and so I have been doing some much needed file management. I found these gulls from my trips to Maine last year. Speaking of Maine, Brenda Berry and I will be leading a photography workshop to Acadia and the Maine coast in the spring. You can see the details…HERE.

You can see all of my gull images…HERE.

In case you were curious:

Greater Black-backed Gulls

  • They are the largest of the gulls with a 5–5.7 ft (1.5–1.7 m) wingspan and a body weight of 2.9–4.8 lb (1.3–2.2 kg)
  • Typically a scavenger, but will hunt smaller birds
  • Hunted to near extinction for feathers at the turn of the century
  • Also known as, Saddle-back Gull, Saddleback, Coffin-Bearer, Turkey Gull, Minister, Saddler Gull, Old Saddler, Pondy, English Gull, Black Back, and Great Grey Gull or Wagel

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