A classic collective noun for the owl..a parliament. I am surprised that there are soo many of them considering owls are mostly solitary creatures. A parliament, sagaciousness, stare, wisdom , hooting, and looming are all nouns associated with a group of owls.

A benefit of taking one of my birds pf prey workshops is that we get to photograph these amazing animals in great light and great settings with great results..really it’s just great! All of these owls are being cared for by a rehab facility and their damages were too substantial to allow them to be re-released and so they’ve become ambassadors to teach people about the wonderful world of owls.

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In case you were curious:

  • Great Horned Owls are the only predator that routinely eats skunks
  • Great Gray Owls  can crash through snow that could support the weight of an 180lb (82 kg) person
  • Saw-Whet’s got their name because when they call it sounds like a saw being whet or sharpened.

My birds of prey workshops are tpically in Montana or Idaho. These owls were from Montana as you can see from the map below.

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