In your face Mallard Duck. Jeff Wendorff PhotographerAnd you always thought it was a flock of ducks. OK, well you were correct, but brace, flush and raft are all collective names for a group of ducks. These were the ducks that I was able to photograph on my recent photography workshop at Block Creek Natural Area. I’ll be listing details for next years workshop soon. You can send me an email if you’d like to be emailed when the trip is finalized.

The Black-bellied Whistling ducks are just gorgeous birds and yes their call is a bizarre (for a duck ) whistle. You can listen to it on the What Bird site…HERE. What Bird is my go to site for all things related to bird identification. If you don’t have their iPhone app, get it now. It is simply the best you can buy.

The “trick” with photographing Mallards, is everyone has taken a picture of that duck. So, I was trying to get something different and loved the attitude of the head on in you face shot…

Reservations are required to photograph at the ranch.

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