Here are a few more images from my birds of prey photography workshop. I’ve done this workshop several times and it is always a favorite of my clients as well as mine. You just can’t get these kind of images anyplace else. Seriously, I am pretty sure I’ve got the only workshop that guarantees a  Taita Falcon or Harpy Eagle!

I will be leading the workshop again in 2011 and while the dates are not yet set in stone, you can get the details on my wildlife workshops…HERE.

You can see all of my birds of prey images as well as order prints of images that you enjoy…HERE.

In case you were curious:

Taita (also Teita) Falcon

  • Very rare and endangered. Only 25 live in South Africa.

Peregrine Falcon

  • Size: Body, 14 to 19 in (36 to 49 cm); wingspan, 3.3 to 3.6 ft (1 to 1.1 m)
  • Weight: 18.8 to 56.5 oz (530 to 1,600 g)
  • Speed: dive that can top 200 miles an hour (320 kilometers an hour)
  • Peregrines have also been called Duck Hawk, Great-footed Hawk, and Wandering Falcon.
The Northern Harrier
  • The Harrier has a remarkable sense of hearing more owl like than hawk like.
  • The species is often called the marsh hawk because it inhabits open marshlands and wet meadows. It got the name “harrier” due to its habit of raiding or harrying its prey.
My birds of prey photography workshop was held in conjunction with the Peregrine Fund and the World Center for Birds of Prey. They have an amazing story and facility. They are also open for tours, however if you want the kind of photography that you see here, you’ll need to join me for one of my workshops.Visit their website to learn about how they are saving the world’s raptors one bird at a time…HERE.
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