As the title says and the map below confirms, I was out chasing the shorebirds around the Gandy Bridge beach this morning. I got a bit of a late start, but the photography was pretty good. The nice thing about shooting shorebirds this time of the year is that many of the migrants are in their alternate breeding plumage. This means they can look a lot better/colorful. Or it can mean they are in a kind of funky in between, like the Black Terns here. I’ve been trying forever to find a fully black one here in Florida, but alas no luck yet.

Well seems my GPS was a few feet off. Most (not the Black Terns) of the pictures were taken from the water looking back towards the beach. Hmm. Ah well, the water was nice about 86 and so it was like photographing shorebirds from a hot tub!

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