Lark Sparrow courtship display - Jeff Wendorff PhotographerMore amusements with collective nouns. A group of sparrows is a host and a group of Field Sparrows is a crue. I was actually considering making up a group name for the Lark Sparrow combing the larks group (exaltation and ascension) with the sparrows, but it didn’t really work out, so I’ll leave the naming to the really creative people and I’ll just keep photographing the birds.

The Lark Sparrow was not really trying to impersonate a Turkey here, but that is part of their courtship display. They were very active singing and dancing and trying to impress the ladies. Sounds like most Friday nights…

You can easily find the Block Creek Natural Area on this map and see where I photographed the sparrows. They welcome photographers to the ranch, but it is private property and arrangements must be made in advance.

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