I’m not really sure where this collective noun came from, but at least they have one for me to play with. These birds are quite shocking in their appearance and even more so this time of the year when they are proudly displaying their brilliant breeding plumage.

You can see more of my Ibis photography and order prints…HERE.

In case you were curious:

  • White ibises fly in formation, with their legs and necks outstretched. They often fly in complete unison gliding and wing beats in sync.
  • They are about 58-69 cm (23-27 in.) tall, with a wingspan of 97 cm (38 in.) and weighs approximately 1.35 kg (3 lb.).
  • Ibises are an ancient species with fossil records going back 60 million years

As usual this map will give you an idea of where I made this images. The reflection image was made after heavy rains when the picnic areas where flooded, so I doubt you’ll spot them there, but you never know…

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