Once again I approve of the collective noun. These should be required names and not optional names. I mean every animal is not created equally and therefore should not all be grouped together in one big “herd”! Someday I will be in charge of this geekery.

I have a small group of various antelopes from Africa. True antelope have un-branched horns that never shed, you can drop that bit of knowledge at your next cocktail party and be a really big star.

All of my antelope photography can be found…HERE.

In case you were curious:

  • Lechwe are found in marshy areas where they eat aquatic plants. They use the knee-deep water as protection from predators. Their legs are covered in a water repelling substance allowing them to run quite fast in knee-deep water.
  • Impala can jump distances more than 10 meters (33 ft) and 3 meters (9 ft) high.
  • Southern Reedbucks average 85 cm (33 in) at the shoulder, and weigh around 70 kg (154 lbs)
  • Waterbuck have a sort of predator defense built in to their skin. The waterproofing secretions of the waterbuck’s sweat glands produces an unpleasant odor in its meat and most predators don’t like to eat them.
  • There are 90 species of antelope and none of them live in North America. Our Pronghorn Antelope is not even in the same family!