Lesser Goldfinch on agave plant at sunset - Jeff Wendorff PhotographerCollective nouns make me smile and a group of finches are called a “Charm”. So here is a charm of finches from my most recent and most excellent photography workshop at Block Creek Natural Area near Fredericksburg, TX. Shooting from a blind makes photographing birds a whole different experience. As one of my clients said,  “I found myself discarding images because the eye in one image had a larger gleam than the other image … or the bird looked like it was singing better in one versus the other image.  It was a great shoot when you have to make those kinds of decisions.” Amen, David!

If you have a favorite collective noun let me know and I’ll post a gallery of images…

You know the drill, you need to make arrangements to photograph at Block Creek in advance. The locations shown are on private property.

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