I don’t really care for this collective noun either. How about a ‘Gruff” or “Pest”? Post you suggestions for a new collective noun. I’ve photographed quite a few badgers, but never one as mellow as this one. Never snarled, never was cranky and never really did any badgerly things. It was also quite a photogenic badger…check out those blue eyes! Who knew?

This badger was another featured subject during my wildlife photography workshop in April. We (PAW – Photographers Alliance Workshops) will be offering another wildlife photography workshop in October. There is limited space available so sign up today…HERE.

In case you were curious:

  • Badgers may weigh up to 30 pounds (13.5 kg)
  • Badgers live together in large extensive system of underground tunnels or catacombs and nesting chambers called “setts”, that are huge tunnel systems, in some cases, actually centuries old.
  • The badger is the fastest digging animal on earth ( a meter per minute), and the strongest for its size

Our photogenic badger is no longer in California, but this map does show you the ranch that we used during out wildlife photography workshop in April.

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