You’ve probably noted that I am a fan of collective nouns and hummingbirds have several to choose from. I thought “bouquet” was particularly useful for this group of images.

I am also working on a new post that describes my EASY techniques for getting these kind of images…up close and personal hummingbird shots without a fuss. You don’t need a Rube Goldberg contraption with multiple flashes and a pain in the butt amount of work to get great hummingbird images.

In case you were curious:

  • The Broad-tailed Hummingbird enters torpor, a slowed metabolic state, on cold nights. It maintains a body temperature of about 54° when ambient temperatures fall below 44° F.
  • One female holds the North American age record for hummingbirds, at twelve years old.
  • Accounts of this species mention that it nests in the same tree or bush year after year, a phenomenon known as philopatry-faithfulness to the previous home area. It will return to the same branch and even build a new nest atop the old one.

These tidbits of information were found, as usual, at What Bird…HERE. Also, a couple of these images will be featured in the next version of the iBird family of apps. Buy yours today…HERE.

The images were all taken on the King Ranch in Colorado and it is Private Property…VERY Private Property.

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