Birds and Bats Photography Workshop

There are only a couple of spaces left for my Birds and bats Photography Workshop in Arizona on May 7th. f bird photography is one of your passions and you’d like to learn some tricks to improve your bird photography then this is the right workshop for you. We’ll be photographing birds from blinds in the desert southwest using feeders and water features to draw the birds in to range. The beautiful part of this workshop is that the birds will be coming to us and we have the luxury of creating stunning perches for the birds and your photographs! Much simpler and far more beautiful when we pick the perch for the birds to use rather than them choosing for us. The other part of this Birds and Bats workshop is photographing bats! You are likely thinking but wait, they are nocturnal and really fast. You would be correct and so we’ll be using a phototrap to actually trigger your camera to fire. How’s this for awesome?

Possible Bird Species

The last time I was here I was actually able to photograph most of these species over the course of a day and a half. So with some luck, you’ll be able to get some great birds for your portfolio.
Hooded Oriole Anna’s Hummingbird Bullock’s Oriole Black-Chinned Hummingbird Pyrrhuloxia Rufous Hummingbird Cooper’s Hawk Red-Tailed Hawk
Lesser Goldfinch American Goldfinch House Finch Brewer’s Blackbird Phainopepla Ladderback Woodpecker Gila Woodpecker Mourning Dove
Inca Dove Whitewing Dove Verdin Northern Mockingbird Cactus Wren Western Kingbird Vermillion Flycatcher Raven Northern Cardinal
Gamble’s Quail Turkey Vulture Canyon Towhee Green-tailed Towhee Rufous Crown Sparrow Brewers Sparrow White Crown Sparrow Greater Road Runner Say’s Phoebe

More Birds and Bats Workshop Information

You can get the full details about the workshop my site, Wildlife Workshops.

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