Bobcat – Photography Workshop Images

We photographed a pair of young bobcats during the workshop. They were practically swallowed up by the 18″ of fresh powder that we were all enjoying. OK, it was not soo fun to break through that snow…uphill…but the rewards were worth the effort! I think you’ll agree that the images worked out pretty well and I’m sure you are saying to yourself, “Self, we should join one of Jeff’s winter workshops, they look awesome!” I’d be forced to agree! 🙂

Bobcat Photo Gallery Winter Workshop 2015

Bobcat perched on a snowy ledge photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Bobcat on a snowy ledge

Bobcat looking back over it's shoulder at the photographer atop a snowy hill, photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Looking Back – Bobcat

A bobcat ready to pounce from atop a snowy hill photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Ready to Attack – Bobcat

Young bobcat in a snow drift peeking at the photographer, Jeff Wendorff

Bobcat in a snow drift

Winter Wildlife Photography Workshops 2016

I will have at least 2 winter wildlife photography workshops in 2016 and both are now available for booking on Wildlife Workshops.

Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop 2015 #1 Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop 2016 #2

Bobcat Photography Portfolio

You can see all of my bobcat photography in my online gallery. Feel free to browse my works or buy a print of your favorite! My photography is also available for licensing let me know what you need and we will make a plan! Check it out…HERE.

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