Create Art from Photography with TangledFX

I’ve been fascinated by making paintings from my photos by manipulating them on the computer. I’ve also been shy about calling these pieces art because well, it seems like cheating compared to what an actual painter does crete their artwork. I was talking to a client that is primarily a painter and we talked about this and she said, that I made the decisions and I made the art and so I should own it that way. So now, I do make art from my photography!

I’ve played with a lot of programs that create art from photography and recently found a new one that I think is pretty awesome. It’s called TangledFX and as of now it is only available on iOS devices. There is a petition online asking for a port to the Mac, but so far the author seems reluctant to make the switch.

It is very straight forward with a lot of customization to their presets. I prefer to work with it on the iPad, but that is mostly because the screen is easier to see what you are doing to your images. There is also one extra preset on the iPad version…

TangledFX Portfolio

These all look better at full size so by all means go full screen…

Cocktail Time - a bar scene rendered with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

Cocktail Time

Bainbridge Island Sunrise rendered with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

Bainbridge Island Sunrise

Silky Lupine painting from a photograph created with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

Silky Lupine

a cityscape of a bay in Delft created from a photo with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

Delft in Blue

Black wolf leaving teh forest shadows created with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

Out of the Woods – Black Wolf

Coyote leaping in the snow created with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

On the Hunt – Coyote

Morning glow on a Silky Milkweed created by Jeff Wendorff with TangledFX

Showy Milkweed at sunrise

Western KIngbird on barbwire ina ffield of wildflwoers created with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

On the Wire – Western Kingbird

A Pacific Sea Nettle glowing in blue water created with TangledFX by Jeff Wendorff

Glowing – Pacific Sea Nettele

Tulips from Kuekenhof Gardens created by Jeff Wendorff with TangledFX

Keukenhof Gardens – Tulips

Paintings from Photography

I’ve made a lot of digital art from my photography over the years and you can see my portfolio online. From there you can order prints or cards or even license images for your personal or business use. You’ll fine the portfolio by clicking…HERE.


You can buy the app in the iTunes store…HERE.

You can see what other people are Tangling with TangleFX’s Flickr page…HERE.

Digital Art Photography Workshops

On a rather irregular schedule I teach digital art workshops in the Portland area. You can look on Wildlife Workshops to see if something is available. If you don’t see anything email me and we can try to work something out. Email Jeff.

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