Black Bear Photos

I don’t think I have ever seen a bulkier Black Bear than this one. He absolutely has no neck, he’s built like a tank! This is another gorgeous wildlife model that we photographed during my workshop this summer in Montana. It’s great to have been able to photograph these amazing animals since they were little. This bear has gone from weighing ounces when he was born to pushing 400lbs in just 3 yrs!

Check out his baby Black Bear picture!

Black Bear cub on a stump photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Black Bear Cub

Interesting Black Bear Facts

  • many colors such as black, brown, gray, silvery-blue, and cream
  • can run up to 35 mph (40kmph)
  • average woman eats about 1,600 calories a day a female bear eats 15,000 calories a day
  • collective noun for a group of bears is a sloth or a sleuth

As usual really, I am bummed out by the lack of creativity the collective noun peeps have shown in picking this name. Seriously BooBoo, how could not choose Picnic to be the collective noun for bears! See what I did there? 🙂

Black Bear Photography

Black Bear Wading in a pond photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Black Bear, look at that neck

Black Bear eating grass photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Black Bear eating grass

Black Bear checking out the photographer from a pond photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Black Bear checking out the photographer from a pond

American Black Bear Photography Portfolio

I’ve photographed the Black Bear for many years and in every season. You can find all of my bear images in my online portfolio. You can order prints or license images for your own needs.  You’ll find the portfolio…HERE.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

I lead photography workshops all across the country and several times a year, I work with a company that raises wildlife for movies and photographers. We usually have the opportunity to photograph Black Bears. You can find out about my Wildlife Photography Workshops…HERE.

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