American (Pine) Marten Photos

The ever adorable animal the American Marten or Pine Marten as it is commonly known is awesome to photograph. They have a vibrant fur coat and even though they are very fast, they are also curious and slow down to give you a look over. I usually have to cajole my clients into selecting the Pine Marten during my workshops and they always thank me afterwards!

Interesting Pine Marten Facts

  • diet: mice, chipmunks, red squirrels, and insects
  • 24-30 in including the tail
  • weighs about 2lbs
  • pregnant for about nine months, but the fetus only develops during the last two months
  • the collective noun for martens is a richness of martens

I have to interject that as a lover of collective nouns, this one is rather boring. Any suggestions?

American (Pine) Marten Photos

American (Pine) Marten on a log photographed by Jeff Wendorff

American Marten on a log

American or Pine Marten in a hollow log photographed by Jeff Wendorff

American Marten in a hollow log

American or Pine Marten walking

American Marten walking

American or Pine Marten full body photo taken by Jeff Wendorff

American Marten

Curious expression on an American or Pine Marten photographed by Jeff Wendorff

American Marten checking out the photographer

American Marten Photography Portfolio

I’ve photographed the Pine Marten for many years and in every season. You can find all of my American or Pine Marten images in my online portfolio. You can order prints or license images for your own needs.  You’ll find the portfolio…HERE.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

I lead photography workshops all across the country and several times a year, I work with a company that raises wildlife for movies and photographers. We usually have the opportunity to photograph Pine or American Martens. You can find out about my Wildlife Photography Workshops…HERE.

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