Hummingbirds in Slow Motion

I just hung a hummingbird feeder at my apartment and decided it was a great time to experiment with the video from my Sony Rx-100 M3 and slow motion!

It was hard work! Ok, not really. I set the camera up on a tripod next to the feeder and then used my iPad to control the camera and see what was going on from the comfort of my couch. I told you it was tough work! Sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do much with the crummy background, but we will see what happens!


Jeff Wendorff's Sony RX-100 setup for hummingbird videography

Sony RX-100 setup for hummingbird videography


Using the iPad to shoot video remotely on Sony RX-100

Using the iPad to shoot video remotely on Sony RX-100

Once it was imported to the computer I did the rudimentary edits, added music and credits with iMovie. It’s still the fastest way for me to edit things.




Hummingbird Photography Portfolio

Despite what you see here, I really do take some nice images of hummingbirds and you can find out for your self in my online hummingbird gallery. You can even order prints or license images for your own use. Check it out…HERE.

Sony Rx-100 M3 on Amazon

I love my Sony and I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can check it out on Amazon via this link.



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  1. Brenda

    Love my sony too! If only i had the iPad… What i reaalllly want to know is what the HECK is on the TV in the back?!!

  2. Jeff

    I don’t leave home without it John and there are some things that I prefer to use the Sony rather than a DSLR! Now if just had a 500mm version! 🙂

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