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Round of applause and a huge thanks to Luc for putting the  “dossier de presse” plugin for Next-Gen Gallery together. Being able to upload images straight from Lightroom to my Next-Gen gallery on my website is a huge time saver. Did I mention it is dead easy and worked perfectly the first time and every time so far. It will even allow you to create the blog post with the export, WOW!

I used the plugin to upload this image to a gallery that already existed on my site, so that will work as well…

[singlepic id=400 w=520 h=440 float=center]

You can download the plugin…HERE.

And just because it is free does not mean that you should not donate! Don’t be cheap either your time is worth a lot and this plugin will save you time. If you use the Next-Gen Galleries on your website and you don’t use Lightroom this plugin is soo good you should go buy Lightroom!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3


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  1. scott

    thanks for the tip. I tried it and it works great going from lightroom to my webpage (which is still under construction).
    However, small problem that i am not sure how to fix. When i open my web page, to the page with the gallery, i see thumbnails but they are all overlapping and cut off. I can click on one of them and the gallery image shows nicely but just viewing the page, the thumbnails are not spread out and easily seen in there entirety. The original image sizes configured in lightroom are all 800 x 600 or so and and thumbnails are i think around 150px in the long side.
    There must be an easy setting to adjust to allow my page to actually see all the thumbnails correctly?
    Please advise


  2. Jeff

    It sounds like you don’t have the thumbnails setup correctly inside Next Gen. I get best results setting the thumbnails to all be square and not to crop proportionally. If you send me a link to your website, I may be able to help more.

  3. Will

    Hi jeff,

    trying to use your plugin and I am getting this error:

    An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘openUrlInBrowser’ (string expected,
    got nil)

    any Ideas?

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