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About the Workshop

[singlepic id=89 w=320 h=240 float=left]Photographing wildlife is why I own a camera and if you share that passion, then this is the workshop for you. At this workshop you’ll have un-equaled opportunities to photograph a variety of North American wildlife in natural settings. We are talking up close and personal with cougars, wolves, bears and much more. On this workshop you’ll get these shots and you won’t have to spend weeks, months or even years seeking out all of these animals. How? We’ll be photographing at the Triple D Ranch and they’ve been training animals for photographers and filmmakers since 1975. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen images of their wildlife, but you probably never knew it because we will always be photographing in locations that you would naturally expect to see the wildlife. There are no bars and nothing in the way but your own excitement!

I’ve been photographing here for years and have photographed every species in the menagerie in every season and location. I know how to photograph at the Triple D and after this workshop you’ll be stunned by the quality and quantity of images that you’ll have. A quick word of warning! Photographing these animals is addicting and I can promise that you’ll be coming back over and over.

Included in the Workshop

The fee includes 3 days of photography instruction with classroom session critiquing your images and “how to” help on photographing wildlife. We will also allocate a few hours to help you with your digital workflow.

We’ll be photographing 9 species during our 3 days. During this workshop we can expect to photograph multiple species in a variety of different but ecologically true situations. While the specific species cannot be confirmed until our arrival we almost always mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, wolf and bear.

Transportation to the workshop and during the workshop are not included. Your local accommodations and meals are also not included.


You should plan on arriving in Kalispell, MT in time for the meeting at 6:00PM October 20, 2010. This event is at the Holiday Inn Express. We will have 3 days of photography (21st, 22nd and 23rd) and we have reserved a 4th day (24th) as a rain day. If we have achieved our quota of photography the workshop will end on Saturday evening. If we need to make up a session, we’ll do that on Sunday morning. On Sunday you may add more sessions for $150 per species per person.

Transportation and Lodging

Glacier International Airport (FCA)
This airport is actually in Kalispell and is a short 15 minutes to the recommended hotel.[singlepic id=88 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Missoula International Airport (MSO)
It is sometimes less expensive to fly to Missoula and the drive the 150 miles to Kalispell.

The recommended hotel for this trip is the Holiday Inn Express. All classroom activities be at the hotel. We’ll caravan to the workshop from the hotel; if you are staying anyplace other than the Holiday Inn or the cabin at the ranch you’ll need to meet us at the lobby. I’ll announce our hotel departure time each evening. You can expect it will be near dawn.

There is also an opportunity to stay at the ranches gorgeous guest cabin. This is a shared accommodation, you will have a private bedroom and share the common areas. Please contact me for details. The hotel address is:
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
Hotel Front Desk: 1-406-7557405

Equipment and Gear

You should bring lots of energy and a lot of memory cards! You are going to photograph a lot more than you imagine. On my last trip one gentleman shot 1200 images during the first morning session! We may photograph as many as 3 sessions with minimal breaks in between for downloads. You need to have enough cards or a portable download device to keep up with the action

A tripod can be used and is recommended. You will not need long glass, a 70-200mm is enough for the majority of the photography. There are some places where a 400mm can be used for tight portraits.

We’ll normally shoot regardless of the weather and snow showers are certainly possible, so you should be prepared for that.

There is not going to be a great deal of physical exertion on this trip. One location that we will likely use has a hike of about 200 yards with a moderate hill to climb. We’ll be able to take it slow and even with deep snow, we’ve never lost anyone…yet!

The Leader

Jeff Wendorff
Jeff believes it is important to have fun while learning, serious fun, so be prepared to enjoy yourself when you are with him.

Jeff is an avid outdoor and wildlife photographer whose work has been published widely — from calendars and magazines to even cans of cat food in China! Jeff is the Associate Director and workshop coordinator of PAW and a popular international tour leader. He has co-lead workshops with David Middleton as well as leading his own workshops for the past 5 years. Jeff has a great enthusiasm for travel and photography and it is quite contagious.

Jeff lives on the west coast of Florida and has spent too many hours in the field honing his skills.

Contact Jeff
Email: [email protected]
Jeff’s Website: www.jeffwendorff.com
Skype: paworkshops
General Info: 877.384.PAWS (7297)

People are Talking About Jeff

The chance to be close to these magnificent animals was worth the trip whether I was able to capture one great image or not. Fortunately, with the expert help from the leaders at PAW, I was able to take home a variety of excellent images of lions, tigers and bears. Truly a remarkable experience!
-Frank 11/09

First off thanks for best workshop I have ever been on. I learned more in those 4 days then I have learned my whole life doing photography. Plus those animals were amazing. I can’t wait to go sometime when there is snow.
-Bobbie 11/09

Final Thoughts

If I could only photograph one spot for the rest of my life, I’d be hard pressed not to stay at the Triple D. No matter how many times I’m here (and its been a lot) when the animals are out the adrenaline kicks in and I’m in photography nirvana.

One last tip, before I see you. Take time while you are here just to look at the animals without your camera. It’s quite inspirational to be standing 20 feet from a mountain lion and an image you’ll carry with you far longer than your images will last…

It’s going to be a wild one! ~ Sign up today!

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Check out my video from past workshops…serious fun!

PAW Wildlife Photography Workshop from Jeff Wendorff on Vimeo.

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