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I have been a photographer all of my life and a professional for almost 20 years. My favorite thing about leading photography workshops is hearing my client’s excitement with the images they create during my workshops. Showing someone birds from their life list or their first elephants are both very satisfying experiences.

 My goal is for you to leave a better photographer than when you arrived, be well pleased with your photos and that you had some fun along the way! 

Explore my workshops, and then let’s make some magic!

You Will Be Amazed by Jeff Wendorff's Photography Workshops

Jeff Wendorff’s Photography Workshops

If you are interested in becoming a better photographer, workshops are the best route. If you want to travel to exotic places with like-minded photographers, workshops are the best route. The best route to the best photography workshops on earth (and beyond coming someday) click on the workshop that fits your interest. If you don’t see a workshop you like, message me, and I’ll build it for you!

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