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I have been a photographer all of my life and a professional for almost 20 years. My favorite thing about leading photography workshops is hearing my client’s excitement with the images they create during my workshops. Showing someone birds from their life list or their first elephants are both very satisfying experiences.

 My goal is for you to leave a better photographer than when you arrived, be well pleased with your photos and that you had some fun along the way! 

Explore my workshops, and then let’s make some magic!

You Will Be Amazed by Jeff Wendorff's Photography Workshops
After 15 years or so of leading workshops on my own, I’ve decided to join the superb Muench Workshops company. This change will allow me to bring you even more incredible opportunities to photograph the world’s most spectacular nature and wildlife.
I’ll still be Jeff doing my normally productive, educational workshops and of course we will still manage to have some fun!
More details coming soon and of course you can email if you have any questions about the transition.
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Jeff Wendorff’s Photography Workshops with Muench Workshops

Antarctica Photography Workshop

November 30 – December 11, 2022

Penguin Antarctica Photo Workshop

Muench Workshops is the sole charterer during this time period, so we “own” the boat. We control the itinerary. We’ll be able to make adjustments to our course for ice conditions, light, and extraordinary wildlife and landscapes. This allows us to maximize photographic opportunities with as many shore landings and zodiac excursions as possible. Our ship is small, and can access all potential landing sites—we’ll go where the big ships can’t, and make more landings. And with only 60–70 guests alongside 10 pros and 8 naturalists, our instructor ratio is unmatched. Expect one-on-one instruction in the field, and our signature image reviews in the evenings and during sea days. We’ll have plenty of talks too, on the region’s natural history, and on photography topics—wildlife photography, beginning and advanced Lightroom, photographic composition, technical refreshers, and much more. We are dedicated to helping you capture the natural beauty of Antarctica! Don’t worry, though, your non-photographer spouse, partner, or traveling companion is also welcome, and we’re happy to help them make the most of the adventure too.

Explore the Antarctica Photography Workshop

Svalbard Photography Workshop

Svalbard Norway — June and July, 2023

Swalbard Photo Workshop - Polar Bear

Svalbard’s location between continental Norway and the North Pole places it squarely in an area with some of the most impressive displays of wildlife in one of the largest undisturbed arctic environments on the planet. Glaciers, snow-covered mountain ranges, and fjords cover much of the archipelago. We hope to see and photograph polar bears, many types of seabirds, reindeer, arctic fox, whales, walruses, and other marine mammals.

Explore the Swalbard Workshop in Full Detail

Yukon’s Auroras and Wildlife Workshop

January 10-16, 2023 – Whitehorse

Dall Sheep in the Yukon Photo Workshop

The Yukon is full of rich history and unique geography. It is also home to some of the most sought-after wildlife globally and more epic scenes than a Hollywood blockbuster. Yukon is renowned as one of the best locations in the world to capture the spectacle of the northern lights. We have been traveling to Yukon for a decade and know some of the best locations to help you translate all this visual eye candy into fantastic images.

Explore The Yukon Photo Workshop

Intensive Wildlife Photography Instruction

January 15-21, 2023 – Whitehorse

Dall Sheep in the Yukon Photo Workshop

he Yukon is renowned for its wildlife and is also one of the best places in the world to spot the northern lights. In this intensive learning workshop, we provide you with plenty of opportunities to photograph both!

For the wildlife portion of this workshop, we’ll be shooting at a wildlife preserve that specializes in photographic opportunities, allowing you to capture stunning portraits of iconic animals in a controlled setting. Our target species are Canada lynx, red fox, silver fox, Arctic fox, muskox, Dall sheep, mountain goats, caribou, woodland bison, elk, moose, and mule deer, all set against backdrops of mountain and forest. Throughout the workshop we’ll be focusing on five key elements for wildlife photography success: research, pre-visualization, decision making, post-processing, and evaluation.

At night, we’ll turn our attention to the skies, and weather-permitting, we should have several nights of dancing aurora. To experience this stunning natural phenomenon is unforgettable, but we’ll also teach you how to capture the experience in your images. Ready for a unique adventure? Join us in the Yukon!

Explore the Intensive Wildlife Photo Workshop in Detail

Bald Eagle Migration Photo Workshop

November 14-20, 2023 – British Columbia

Bald Eagle Photo Workshop - British Columbia

Beginning in late October, thousands of bald eagles make their way down from the Yukon and northern British Columbia. Along the way, they’ll come to nest in the scenic Fraser Valley to mate and raise their young. It is the largest bald eagle migration in North America, and an unparalleled opportunity to capture eagles feeding, constructing nests, and tending to their chicks.

While eagles will be the focus of this workshop, they are far from the only highlight. Over the years we have seen and photographed the following common species at our locations: red–tailed Hawk, grebe, common goldeneye, wood duck, sandhill crane, great blue heron, green heron, Northern pintail, short–eared owl, bufflehead, common merganser, Snow goose, trumpeter swan, mute swan, rough–legged hawk, dunlin, Anna’s hummingbird, and great horned owl. Rarer sightings include: Pacific loon, red–throated loon, belted kingfisher, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, Virginia rail, common snipe, barn owl, barred owl, waw–whet owl, canvasback, and egret.

We will will teach you everything you need for a successful bird of prey shoot, from planning and positioning, to clothing and gear. You’ll also learn proper camera handling techniques and settings for optimizing your birds–in–flight shots, as well as ways to enhance your creativity in bird photography. We know birds, bird behavior, and bird photography and we will show you how learning your subject’s habits maximizes your number of “keeper” shots!

Explore the Bald Eagle Workshop in Detail

Antarctica Photo Workshop

November 29 – December 10. 2033

Whale Breach Antarctica Photo Workshop

Join us on one of the best ships that sails the Antarctic waters, the ice-strengthened M/V Sea Spirit. We’ve assembled a world-class team of pro photographers, expedition leaders, and naturalists to provide photography instruction, information, and guidance throughout the expedition.

You’re not one amongst hundreds of other photographers on our expedition. We “own” the boat. We control the itinerary. This allows us to maximize photographic opportunities with as many shore landings and zodiac cruises as possible, and as many days in Antarctica as possible. Our ship is small, and can go to all possible landing sites. Our group size will be between approximately 70-80 guests, with 9 pros and 5 naturalists.

On this 11-day all-inclusive photographic expedition you’ll have opportunities to photograph the beautiful and diverse wildlife and incredible polar landscapes of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Peninsula. We’ve timed our expedition at the end of Antarctic spring and the very beginning of summer, when there’s still a chance for fresh snow and the wildlife is active. Penguins will be courting and egg-laying, and humpback whales will be arriving to feed in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding the continent.

This year’s expedition is longer than most trips: we have 6 days at the Antarctic Peninsula—more than most expeditions. Because our ship and group size are smaller, we have access to all approved landing spots in the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica—we can go places where the large cruise ships can’t. Not only that, but our smaller group size allows us more time for photography at each landing, something that is severely compromised when you are on a ship that has hundreds of passengers.

You can expect to see and photograph abundant wildlife: whales (orca, minke, and humpback), seals (crabeater, elephant, leopard and Weddell), penguins (chinstrap, gentoo, and likely Adélie), blue-eyed shags, and many albatrosses, petrels, and other sea birds.

Everything is all-inclusive from the time we embark our ship until the time we say goodbye. There will be plenty of on-board instruction on wildlife photography, beginning and advanced Lightroom, photographic composition, technical refreshers, naturalist lectures, and more.

On board Sea Spirit, there’s plenty of space in the common areas to relax, read a book, or talk photography. We have rooms available for instruction, lectures, presentations, image reviews, and critiques. Meals on board are quite good: the breakfast buffet has both continental and hot options, lunch is served buffet-style, there’s an afternoon tea in the common area, and the day ends with a three-course dinner. Mealtimes are set by us, and are based on our shore excursions—photography first!

Most Antarctica trips are not fully dedicated to photography, and because they are on tourist cruise ships with 150, 200, or 250+ passengers, they can’t get as close to the landings as we can. Our Zodiacs will zip you to shore safely and quickly, so you will have more time for photography. With Muench Workshops, you will be with like-minded photographers and travelers who are interested in maximizing every opportunity to capture amazing wildlife and landscape images, and to learn as much as possible from the pros and naturalists on the team. But don’t worry, your non-photographer spouse/partner/traveling companion will enjoy this expedition just as much as everyone else, and they too will enjoy the landscape and wildlife and the guiding from not only us but the expedition staff and naturalists.

Antarctica Photo Workshop 2023

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